Compliments through HUGE Headphones. Need We Say More?

Mar 23, 2013 | Humor, Inspirational

Okay, maybe just a little more: We love this concept by Soul Pancake (you know, the guys behind the hilariously cute Kid President). Need a refresher? Here’s Mr. Kid President himself:

We can CRY about it or we can DANCE about it.
(Note: this video starts at 1:53. Rewind to beginning to watch the full Kid President Pep Talk)

Now that you’ve been pep-talked, without further adieu, here are the awesomely heart-warming Street Compliments through some incredibly HUGE headphones:

Since we already found our little cat headphones, we’re off to go find us some HUGE headphones so we can keep giving the world a reason to DANCE.

Huge Headphones

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