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Daft Punk Alive Fan DVD Full Version

Mar 21, 2013 | Past Silent Disco Events

With Daft Punk’s new album infusing immense excitement and running the rumor mill amuck, we’d like to share one of our absolute favorite Daft Punk videos. The most intriguing part about this Daft Punk film is that Daft Punk actually had little to do with it’s production, with the exception of performing an incredible, otherworldly performance in Paris, France, of course.

Quick background about this video:
On June 14th 2007, French Electro Music duo Daft Punk made a one night only live show appearance at the “Palais Omnisports de Bercy” in Paris, 10 years after the last one in the city. 20,000 fans were there for this historic show, with almost 20,000 digital cameras and cell phones recording live. This artwork is a result of the combination of the 200 best videos created by more than 40 digital cameras selected from the crowd.

Turn up your headphones, hit full screen and brace yourself for the full version of the Daft Punk Alive Tour Fan DVD.

We continue to anxiously await Daft Punk’s new album and, moreover, their highly anticipated U.S. tour. Neither of which can come soon enough.


Daft Punk gets the New Orleans treatment by Madd Wikkid: Brasst Funk!

Please note: for some reason the player below starts at 1:49. Click on the beginning of the green audio waveform in the player to start at the beginning. To get the full tracks, click the ‘buy tracks’ button.