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Goldfish – Woman’s A Devil Music Video | Headphone Fish

Jan 1, 2013 | Humor

We would like to introduce you to Goldfish.

Goldfish is comprised of two gents from Cape Town, Dominic Peters and David Poole, who’ve mastered their genre-defying jazzy and housey sound over the years. Goldfish continues to embed themselves within the local and growing-global dance scene through their one-of-a-kind uplifting & super-bouncy beats (which tend to resonate at the utmost melodic corner of your brain). Beats? Of course; horns? Hell yeah there are! And if that wasn’t enough, Goldfish possesses a refreshing and playful taste in animation for their videos. Through a brilliant collaboration, our favorite Goldfish music videos feature a wicked, dance-ridden HEADPHONE-WEARING GOLDFISH! Check it (and just try not to bounce with this):

Yessir… now that I’ve got you your attention, let me treat you with a couple of other Goldfish music video gems:

Washing Over Me by Goldfish (Live) // another Goldfish music video featuring the infamous goldfish with headphones:

Fort Knox by Goldfish (Live)

And last but certainly not least, (in my opinion, Goldfish’s best track + music video power-combo is the Get Busy Living music video, featuring, undoubtedly, the coolest piece of baggage on this side of the Mississippi:

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BONUS // Briefly get acquainted to how South Africa gets down: