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Silent Disco Commercials Around the Globe

Dec 7, 2012 | Experiential Marketing

We love seeing the silent disco concept incorporated into TV commercials the world over. Here are some silent disco commercials we’ve discovered to date.

KIA Soul

Kia LogoKia Soul Logo

From the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards.
The Kia Soul DJs an underground Silent Disco.
Here’s the Kia Silent Disco Commercial from the show:


And some behind the scenes footage from the making of the Kia Soul Silent Disco Commercial:

Sony Walkman
Sony LogoSony Walkman Logo

Sony says, “The Silent Party Walkman from Sony means you can party where and whenever you want. Celebrate life in unexpected places and situations.” Check out these Sony silent disco commercials:

In the following video, a German blurb in the beginning translates into, “Last weekend we pulled off a silent party in a cinema. We filmed everything for you, even with my homemade eyeglasses camera.”

Bonus: Philips
Philips Logo

And here’s one for Philips wireless headsets, albeit its a silent disco of 1:

Have you seen a silent disco commercial that we’re missing here? Share in the comments below.