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Silent Disco at Oxbridge Academic Programs in NYC

Jul 30, 2012 | Guest Blogger, Past Silent Disco Events, Press, Silent Disco NYC

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Oxbridge Academic Programs

Last night we threw on our dancing shoes and headphones for our third dance; a luau themed silent disco! Ever heard of a silent disco? Everyone gets their own headset, courtesy of Silent Storm Sound System, and can alternate between different channels of music to dance to whatever song they prefer. To a bystander, it’s hilarious – a room full of people dancing with each other, out of sync, everyone belting out lyrics to different songs, forgetting that the rest of the room is quiet – but with the headphones on you’re in the zone, rocking out in your own world. It was a totally unique dancing experience, and the staff had just as much fun as the students. It’s hard to believe we only have one dance left. It’ll be hard to top this one, but we’ll certianly try next Saturday!