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Downright Music’s Community Unity Day

Dec 1, 2011 | Past Silent Disco Events

When Naomi Kravitz of Downright Music and Art first reached out to us, she described Collinsville to be known as “A quaint little drinking town with a huge art problem”.  Recently it was even written up in Travelers Magazine as “One of Americas top ten coolest small towns”. We were hooked already.

“The reason C-Ville rocks”, adds Naomi, “is because we have a raging river that runs right through the middle of an old factory town.  Lot’s of musicains and artists have found their way to this Vortex we call home and the central base is our music and art store, Downright Music & Art.”

Naomi Kravitz - Downright Music and Arts Festival

Naomi Kravitz (on left) of Downright Music & Art

Naomi explains that the purpose of the festival she and her team throws every year is “to get people away from their TVs and out of their comfort zone to be face to face with the performing arts. The highlight of the event this year, Naomi explains, is The Laser Light Show by Waking Dream.  The laser light show is a blown up parachute that holds 200+ people inside.  It’ is sensory overload in that dome and the only thing in the world hat could make it even better is the silent disco.”

Of course, we jumped at the opportunity to bring the silent disco experience to Downright Music’s Community Unity Day Festival. After all, how could we say no?

The following silent disco event recap was written by Naomi Kravitz of Downright Music & Art:

On August 13th, 2011 the silent disco rolled though Collinsville, CT. This quaint little old factory town located on the Farmington River became a wild music and arts festival. Hundreds of people gathered for the 12 hour festivities. The highlight was The silent disco. This was the first time the Valley came together to dance. People of all ages were able to listen to live DJs spinning dance music all night outdoors without ever upsetting fellow neighbors. The silent disco is a brilliant, innovative way to keep the party going late. The joy on peoples faces as they put on the headphones for the first time was priceless. Instantly you were in your own world and it was pure pleasure. People seemed to dance harder and smile bigger than ever. Conversations were able to be heard easily by simply removing the headphones. This is truly a ingenious way to put on an event with live music in a public setting. Months later, not a week goes by were the silent disco isn’t mentioned. Collinsville, CT is a better place having had the silent disco roll through, thanks to Downright Music’s Community Unity Day Festival!