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Manhattanville College Silent Disco

Dec 5, 2011 | Guest Blogger, Past Silent Disco Events

DJ featured in this post: Mofti
Park 84 Super Club Mix by mofti

The following post was written by Warda Zahid Khan, Senior Class President, Manhattanville College

At Manhattanville College in Purchase, New York, we decided to arrange our first Silent Disco event as a stress-buster event for students before finals approach. We found out about Silent Storm Sound System through our internet search for companies catering the Silent Disco parties. Silent Storm Sound System is perhaps the only outstanding company catering to this need. This was our first contract with them.

I was just amazed at how well-coordinated and smooth the event ran. I was the organizer of the Silent Disco at Manhattanville College and I had the best experience arranging this event. The staff at Silent Disco was always just a text or email away. Even during the Thanksgiving break, they were available to answer any queries that we had.

A Silent Disco is essentially the same as any other dance party. There is a dance floor of people eager to show off their moves, an awesome DJ mixing killer beats, a little mingling, and refreshments for those who need to boost up for the next round of songs. The only difference is the headphones that are handed to each student as they walk in.

On the day of the event, students entered the party, shy and confused. They held their drinks and talked to each other instead of dancing because they just found it awkward. As more students started entering, the environment became less awkward. More people started dancing and eventually everyone let go of their uptightness and started dancing. Every now and then I will take my headphone off to see how it feels to be without one, and it was just hilarious. Seeing people dancing to apparently nothing audible was just an amazing experience. The best part was when the DJ played Cha Cha Slide and everyone started following the dance.

Later on, a security guard came up to me and said,“You have no idea how funny you all looked to me.”

The event on the whole was one of the best party experiences I have had. It was fun, crazy, unique and very organized.

Students were having so much fun that they requested DJ Mofti to extend the party for half an hour. The most interesting bit is the fact that this party was on a Tuesday night and even then it drew so many people in and they stayed until 1 30am.

Those who came loved the event, and those who could not, regretted not coming and requested us to arrange another similar event next semester, which we are looking into right now.

Working with SSSS has been an extremely delightful experience. They are helpful and way more than just an outside vendor for your parties. They understand your needs and are always there to assist you. Our first contract with them was very successful and we are considering making it a regular event catered by Silent Storm for our school in the future.

Warda Zahid Khan
Senior Class President 2011-2012
Student Government Association
Manhattanville College