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Beener KeeKee Singing Billy Jean & Usher

Jul 6, 2011 | Humor

I don't know what we're yelling about!

One of the more entertaining things about silent disco events is taking off your silent disco headphones and taking in the sounds of the party – sans music. The pounding feet, clapping hands and spontaneous hoots are hilarious – and a bit surreal. It’s actually what a club sounds like all the time, but you’re just deaf to it. In a normal club you’d be  losing your voice as you try to communicate to the person standing right next to you all while said person’s ears begin to bleed. But I digress. Alternatively, out of all the sounds on the silent disco dance floor, the most entertaining one is, hands down, the crowd’s collective lyrical output. The combination of liquid courage, singing-in-the-shower-confidence and the hysterical lack of self awareness comes together for some hilarious people-watching entertainment.

When in unison, this almost sounds something like what you’d hear at a British pub three hours after the favorite team’s victory (why don’t Americans have awesome drinking songs like the rest of the world? 100 Bottles of Beer doesn’t count). For the most part, however, when singled out, people’s singing can sound like a first-time karaoke-er without the teleprompter. And to demonstrate this, I present you with Beener KeeKee performing his rendition of Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean while listening to it on his iPod.

Granted, Beener KeeKee thought he sounded a hell of a lot better with music blasting in his ears. Next time you’re at a silent disco, take off your headphones and observe the atmosphere for a little while. It’s a trip. Then, put your silent disco headsets back on, wait for a song you “know”, and belt the lyrics. Because you’ll probably sound (and look) this good: