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Stand Out with Silent Disco

Mar 2, 2011 | Inspirational

This video is so enjoyable to watch. It speaks volumes about the power of standing out from the norm and doing what you want without worrying about being judged by others. The quote “…dance as though no one is watching…” describes this scene perfectly. It takes place at the Sasquatch Music Festival during the song Unstoppable by Santigold.

We put on many silent disco events and it’s always a fun social experiment on the dancefloor – and not only because it’s a ‘silent event’. Rather, the dynamics of the energy on the dance floor is just as interesting. A few energetic people genuinely having a great time dancing always fills the floor every time. Positive energy is contagious – and that’s truly amazing. Whether you want to share your positive energy with others or if you need a little positive energy to be rubbed off on you, all it takes is one person to start dancing with passion and genuine enjoyment.

Given the nature of silent disco events, those without headphones who look onto a dance floor packed with people dancing to what appears to be silence generate some hesitancy about joining in. In this case, the onlookers are not thinking about the fun the could have by joining in but rather how silly they might look to others looking in. Much to our amusement, those who do let go of their inhibitions a bit and give silent disco a chance always leave with a smile on their face. Every time, without fail, skeptics are converted – and we love that.

Here’s another version of the same video only this time with some great narration about leadership:

Don’t be afraid to stand out. And support those who put themselves on the line to stand out. You might just start a dance party.

What was your first silent disco experience like? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below.