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Silent Disco House Party

Jan 21, 2011 | A Silent Storm First, Past Silent Disco Events

East Coast’s First Silent House Party

In March 2010 New England saw its first silent disco house party.

It took place in a quiet neighborhood in Boston and raged strong until the wee hours of the night without once disturbing the peace or waking the neighbors. DJs Voltran, Domonique & Edukation absolutely tore it up in the attic at this silent disco house party appropriately named, Attic Attack! Even VJ v.Ka$h rolled through and added his mesmerizing visualizations to the attic ceiling. If you’re not already listening to some of Domonique’s Atticgeddon set from that night in the player above, brace yourself and hit PLAY already!

Silent Disco House Party with Voltran & Domonique

DJ Voltran, DJ Domonique & DJ Edukation silently rock the house!

Silent Disco House Party

Casey Desmond, family and friends at the first silent disco house party on the east coast!

More silent house party photos.

The the music blasted through headsets of kids in the attic, through the apartment one level below and even out on the back porch. Attic Attack brought SSSS to their house party and SSSS brings the world of noise complaints to an end.


No amplified noise, no bulky PA systems, no aggravated neighbors and no problems! And, let police worry about more important things, like this officer from Providence, RI:

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